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All Types of Keys and Locks

We supply and service keys and locks from all the leading lock manufacturers, such as Chubb, Yale, Union, Ingersoll, Abus and our own produced Gallalock

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Locksmiths in Muswell Hill

If you need locksmiths in Muswell Hill, you have found just the place.

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Quality Shoe Repairs in London

The durable materials we use will improve the quality of your shoe, making them comfortable to wear again and also give them the added strength to last a long time.

Professional watch service and repair

Our Watch Repair service includes: battery replacement, glass and strap repair, fitting new parts and strap adjustment, with each job we do getting a one year guarantee.

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shoe repairs londonGallalock shop also offers the service of a high quality shoe repair. We aim to tackle today’s culture of throwing away a pair of shoes once they are worn or damaged by saving you money through fixing shoes that you think have to be binned. Whether you need a new rubber heel, leather sole or just want to maintain your favourite pair of shoes, we are the shoe repairers to come to in North London. The 25 years experience we have in dealing with all sorts of shoe-related issues, using our traditional repairing methods, has left many customers returning with more of their shoes as they were so impressed.

The durable materials we use will improve the quality of your shoe, making them comfortable to wear again and also give them the added strength to last a long time. Our skilled cobblers take pride in their work and aim to make every pair of shoes they work on look just as they did when they were first bought. This is not only done through the repair of the shoe, but also the express cleaning and shining service that is included with each repair job. Also, our ‘while-you-wait’ service means you can have your shoes back within the hour or collect a ticket to collect them at time that suits you.

Here are some of the shoe repairs we offer:

    heel repairs london
  • Heel Repair and Replacement- If the heel on your shoes or boots have fallen off or are becoming worn out; we can replace them for you using techniques that will not damage your shoes in any way. The old heels will be stripped away and then new ones will be shaped and then attached using a combination of our strong adhesive glue and carefully placed nails, ensuring a lasting fit. Whether it’s for a pair of stilettos or other high heeled shoes, men’s shoes or even dancing shoes, our shoe professionals will do their best to repair them.

  • leather sole repairs
  • Leather Soles Repair- Leather soles constantly need to be given attention due to the fact that they wear down a lot quicker than standard rubber soles. Once you start to feel the leather becoming soft, it signals it’s time for a new sole. Gallalock’ shop offers this service with our high quality leather replacement soles. This is done through the old soles being carefully peeled off and then replaced with our finest leather soles that are carefully stitched on to the shoe and finished with a classic leather staining.

  • rubber soles in london
  • Rubber Soles- Rubber soles are a perfect choice for shoes that are going to be worn in the UK’s wet, winter weather. As they are more durable than leather, many people ask us to apply rubber soles on to the bottom of their shoes for the extra grip and protection that will be gained. They have become a popular alternative to the leather sole due to them being more cost effective as their lifespan is usually a lot higher. New rubber soles are needed when the grip patterns on the shoes or boots have worn away and the bottoms start to become soft.

  • more repairments
  • General Repairs- If the toes on your shoes have started to wear away or peel back, our cobblers will be able to mend this by applying a new section of leather or rubber onto the area, making them intact again. Metal blakeys can be applied to the heels of your shoes too, if you are wearing down one side more than the other with your walking pattern.

Specific branded shoes are also available to be repaired also. We are able to repair UGGs, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Barker, Church, Loake and many others.

Call us on 0208 444 7300 to enquire about our shoe repair service or send us a picture of the shoes you want repaired to and we will reply promptly.

Three generations of shoe repairs in North London

Our family business has been repairing shoes in Muswell Hill for three generations. With our 25 year history in North London, we pride ourselves on the quality of our shoe repair service. We are one of the few shoe repairers left in North London using tradiional shoe repair methods. In addition to shoe repairs, we also provide a repair service for luggage, handbags, belts and other leather goods. Contact us now for more information.

Some common issues

Worn/wobbly or broken heels

Heels typically wear down sooner than the rest of the soles. When your heels are worn, wobbly or broken, they can create feet, ankle, knees, hip and back problems and be the cause of embarrassing falls.

Solution: Replace or reinforce the heel and add new rubber heel lifts

  • Broken heel block must be replaced with the same style heel within i length of the original heel
  • Wobbly heels in good condition can be reset and reinforce in the sole for stability
  • Worn heels can be replaced with new rubber heel lifts

At Gallalock Shoe Repairs, our heel repairs create perfectly balanced shoes. We rebuild heel layers and check that heel lengths are identical before adding new rubber heel lifts that match the original thickness and weight of your shoes


  • Better traction
  • Rubber heel lifts typically outlasts manufacturer's plastic heel lifts
  • Prevent embarrassing falls
  • Wear your shoes again


  • Do not wait until the entire bottom heel layers are completely worn
  • Check the stability of the heel before wearing
  • Do not wear your shoes if your heels are loose to avoid falls
  • Repair your shoes when the rubber heel lift disappears or when the heel feels unstable

Slippery shoes

Unless your shoes have rubber soles, chances are they are not slip resistance.

Most shoes have plastic or leather soles and these materials provide less traction than rubber. Slippery soles can lead to unexpected slips and falls in all seasons.

Solution: Add protective rubber sole guards

  • Any shoe can be made to be anti-slip by adding protective rubber sole guards over new or slightly worn soles
  • Sole guards cover half of the sole and cannot be used if the soles are already soft or spongy. The entire soles must be replaced first before they can be applied

At Gallalock, we match the sole guard texture and colour to the shoe and make them hardly noticeable. We have black, brown, caramel and beige.


  • Prevent slips and falls
  • Protect stitching on leather soles
  • Create longer lasting wear
  • Save money

Worn Soles:

When you can feel the ground under your feet, it is time for new soles. Worn soles do not provide your feet with adequate protection against outside elements.

Solution: Strip old soles and replace with new half or full soles

  • Resoling can cost considerably less than buying new high quality shoes. Most shoes can be restored by giving them new half or full soles
  • If there is a hole in your soles, you may also need to replace insoles and sock liners
  • Quality men shoes can be resoled 7-10 times and women shoes can be resoled 3-5 times

At Gallalock Shoe repairs, new soles are added the way the original manufacturer intended. Call 0208 444 7300


  • Protect your feet
  • Add years of new life to your shoes
  • Save money
  • Wear your shoes again

At Gallalock Shoe repairs, new soles are added the way the original manufacturer intended.

How to check for wear

Heels: If you look from the side of the heel, you can see the toplift. Follow the seam between the toplift and base to the rear outside border of the heel. When you are down to the thickness of a coin in that area, it is time for new heels, and you have avoided damage to the base. If you wait until you see the light-colored base at the rear outside borders of the heels, you are causing unnecessary damage to the base.

Soles: Do not wait until you see a hole. In many cases, if you turn the shoe upside down you will see wear in a circular shape. In other cases, you may not see the wear, but try pressing the center of the sole with your thumb. If you feel weakness or sponginess, it is time to replace the sole and you haven't caused unnecessary damage to any other components of the shoe (such as welts, insoles, or sock liners).

Gallalock shoe repairers specializes in factory method resoling. Each pair of shoes is fitted with the proper last. The sole is removed, cork footbeds are stripped and replaced, and even welts and heel bases are replaced when necessary.. Our process is so detail-oriented that we even take the time to pre-grove a channel before stitching the new sole on. This is done so that the stitching of the new sole is below the surface of the leather to allow maximum wear on your repair. The final step is to remove the last so that the original size and shape of the shoe are not altered.

Suggested Maintenance:

1. Always use a shoehorn. This will prevent the counters from crushing, which is a molded material (similar to fiberglass). Its purpose is to shape and support the heel. Shoehorns also protect the heel linings from unnecessary abuse.

2. Polish: Always keep a 'fresh' coat of polish, cream, or moisturizer on your footwear. Even our hands tend to dry and crack when exposed to excess moisture. Think of leather in the same way, except leather no longer has the ability to produce natural oils, which would otherwise keep it moist and supple. Cream polish will penetrate deeper into the grain of leather, while wax tends to coat the surface, lasting longer with a brighter shine. We recommend cream for softer leather and wax for more ridged leather. Polish should be applied when the leather begins to look dull or feels dry to the touch. Eventually, you may begin to see a streaking, flaking, or blotchiness on the upper. This means the polish has clogged the pores of the leather and caked. Remedy: An application of polish remover then simply reapply a fresh coat of polish.

3. Waterproof: We always recommend an application of waterproof spray to new footwear. This is just an added protection for leather and helps prevent water damage and salt stains. Do not use a silicone-based product on high grade footwear. This tends to darken light to mid-tone leathers and leaves an oily residue which interferes with the ability of the leather to shine well. Proper sequence: waterproof, then shine. Waterproofing is recommended every 4th to 8th shine depending on weather conditions. The damper the weather is, the more frequent the application.

4. Sole guards (optional): This is a thin protective rubber sole which is applied to the top of the existing sole to prevent it from wearing out. It also protects the stitching on the soles as well as being nonskid and waterproof. Sole guards also slightly cushion the walk. If applied properly, sole guards can barely be noticed from the side of the shoe. They are the approximate thickness of a penny and in most cases, will actually outlast the factory or replacement sole. They are also much less expensive to replace. For best results, sole guards should be applied to new or firm soles. Do not use them if your soles are already 'spongy' or soft.

5. Shoe Trees (cedar only): Cedar wood has an appealing aroma and is very dry in nature. This helps absorb any moisture in the shoe from perspiration or rain seepage. Shoe trees should be installed immediately after removing your shoes; they should dry naturally and not be left near any heat, The trees will also insure that your shoes will dry to their original shape and will help protect the lining as well as the uppers. Always alternate your footwear at least every other day to allow the trees to settle inside your shoes and absorb even the slightest moisture before wearing them again. Never use shoetrees made of plastic material or shellacked wood. Instead of absorbing moisture, those materials will actually drive the moisture back into the liner, which will lead to a premature deterioration of the leather.

The object is to keep the leather as dry as possible, and restore the oils with creams and polish on occasion. If you follow these few maintenance procedures, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much life your expensive shoes will have in them.

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