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DVLA Approved Number Plates

We have a large range of number plate sizes that can be fitted to the majority of vehicles in the UK. we make number plates within 30 minutes of the order

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We supply and service keys and locks from all the leading lock manufacturers, such as Chubb, Yale, Union, Ingersoll, Abus and our own produced Gallalock

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The durable materials we use will improve the quality of your shoe, making them comfortable to wear again and also give them the added strength to last a long time

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Number Plates

Approved number plates of all types made within 30 minutes.

  • Department of Transport approved number plates
  • All types of number plates made
  • All shapes of number plates made
  • Number plates with GB sticker if required

GB Standard Number Plates , Standard Number Plates , 4 x 4 , Motorcycle , Bentley Range Rove, Ford

At Gallalock in Muswell Hill, N10, we make number plates within 30 minutes of the order. We know you have a choice of which company to shop with for your number plates and we thank you for considering Gallalock. Our promise to you …

1. A truly first class product.
2. Dispatch of your order either the same or next working day.
3. Dedicated telephone support should you need us.
4. Buy in confidence from a company that has traded online for more than 10 years.
5. Our shop is based on Muswell Hill Broadway, London, N10
2. Dispatch of your order either the same or next working day.

Road Legal Number Plates

The spacing of the numbers and letters in your registration must match that printed in your V5C logbook (registration document). If you want to know the legal requirements for road legal plates then please visit the DVLA website. From the 1st Jan 2002, the DVLA have allowed the use of the Union Jack, Cross of St. George, Saltire and Welsh Dragon flags and a range of literals.  Please specify the flag type you require when ordering.

Order from stock today.

Gallalock number plates offer a multitude of number plate sizes. If you can’t see the size you want, don't be afraid to ask us. See below for your required number plate size.

Current requirements on the display of number plates from the DVLA.

Since the 1st November 2008 has been illegal to supply show plates with a DVLA registered UK registration number on it. The DVLA consulted many of the registered number plate suppliers late last year regarding the status of the "show plate" and how to make it legal by marking them with a logo showing them as "show plates", the DVLA did not want to put any of the many number plate suppliers out of business because many number plate suppliers were dependant on the show plate trade.


Fitting your number plate

How to fit your number plate? No worries it’s very easy. There are three ways how to fix your number plate. The first is to use our extra strong sticky pads to stick the number plate to your car, the second is to screw your number plate to your car and the third one is to use the Number plate holder for the best look ever.

Sticky Pad Kit

The simplest way how to fit your number plate is to use a Sticky Pad Kit. The Kit contains 6 sticky pads - 3 for each plate to ensure that your number plate is well secure at all times. Tip: Please be careful with placing them to the right place as they are very sticky!

Screw Kit

The second Kit we can offer to you is a Screw Kit. Each kit contains 4 screws and 4 screw holders. Tip: If you have already existing number plate than will be easier for you to fit the plate by using the Screw Kit. Just use your existing plate, drill small holes where the existing holes are and than just screw it straight on your car. Job is done.

Number Plate Holders

If you fancy more solid look we can also offer you Number Plate Frames. This third way of fitting is the most presentable and it also gives you the best secure for your number plate you can have. Frames are very easy to fit and you can choose from various types of colours such as black, blue, chrome, carbon, metallic red and many more.

Number Plate Fitting Kit

Should you opt for a Fitting Kit with your plates then you will get exactly what is shown here in Image No.1 (6 off double sided sticky pads, 4 off coated self tapping screws, 2 off black screw caps, 2 off white screw caps and 2 off yellow screw caps).

Whenever possible, we always recommend that the double sided stick pads are used. By using these there is no need to drill the plate and therefore no tools are required. Simply apply the double sided sticky pads to the rear of the plate the way we show in Image No.2 and everything will be fine. These things are very sticky so be careful to get the plate positioning right the first time.

Should you choose to drill and screw the plates then you should drill the plates from the back and ensure that the plate is held firmly in place whilst the drilling takes place.


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