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We supply and service keys and locks from all the leading lock manufacturers, such as Chubb, Yale, Union, Ingersoll, Abus and our own produced Gallalock

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Locksmiths in Muswell Hill

If you need locksmiths in Muswell Hill, you have found just the place.

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Professional watch service and repair

Our Watch Repair service includes: battery replacement, glass and strap repair, fitting new parts and strap adjustment, with each job we do getting a one year guarantee.

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Boarding Up

Muswell Hill Boarding Up, Professional locksmith services in North London, N10

Squatters are a very real and serious problem for property owners throughout North London. Vacant properties are always targets for squatters and therefore actions should be taken to ensure that they cannot gain entry to your property.

Removing squatters can take months, is a long and expensive process and the squatters can cause a lot of damage in the meantime, Muswell Hill locksmith would therefore highly recommend that any vacant property throughout N10, N8, N11, N6, N2 and the surrounding areas in North London is boarded up to an extremely secure standard. Contact us now.

Boarding up the doors and windows of a vacant property is not only useful in preventing squatters, but it is also often required in order to obtain insurance. If you leave your property unprotected, not only do you leave it open for squatters, but also for vandals and arsonists who pose a severe risk to your investment.

Muswell Hill locksmith highly recommends that any vacant property throughout North London is boarded up to prevent squatters from gaining entry to your property. Our skilled locksmiths are able to board up properties throughout North London, including Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Archway, Highgate, East Finchley and Friern Barnet.

Muswell Hill locksmiths are able to board up your property both externally and internally, depending on your requirements, we can also use a variety of materials to board up your property, including timber and corrugated iron.

We are able to board your property using steel security screens which are highly secure and effective methods of securing a building while allowing light and air in for viewings.

N10 locksmiths are able to board up properties throughout North London to an exceptional standard to properties throughout Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Highgate, East Finchley, Friern Barnet and Archway. Contact us now.

Boarding up does not only need to be carried out if there are squatters in your property, if you have had a break-in or your window was smashed through an accident,

Muswell Hill locksmiths are able to board up your windows to an extremely high standard, ensuring that your property is protected against burglars and the elements. Muswell Hill locksmiths are able to board up windows throughout North London, including in N10, N6, N8, N11 and N2, to an incredibly high standard. Contact us now.

Muswell Hill locksmith is highly professional and skilled at boarding up properties throughout North London. Recently, our N10 locksmiths carried out large scale boarding up on a property in Hampstead in which over 20 people were squatting.

This was carried out quickly and efficiently after the squatters were evicted to ensure that other squatters would not be able to take advantage of the vacant property, and to an extremely high standard, ensuring that there were no weaknesses which could be exploited.

Our highly skilled Muswell Hill locksmiths are able to carry out boarding up for properties throughout North London, including in Muswell Hill, Friern Barnet, Archway, East Finchley, Crouch End and Highgate and the surrounding areas of N10, N8, N6 and N2.

24 Boarding Up in Muswell Hill Locksmiths Service covering N10 and the surrounding areas

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  • Lost keys
  • Lock changes
  • Faulty locks
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  • Alarms
  • Safe opening service
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  • Door/Frame repair
  • 24hr Emergency Boarding anywhere in North London

The Muswell Hill locksmiths services however do not merely cover installing the various security features. A good Muswell Hill locksmith is meant to assess the risk level of what needs to be secured as well as other factors like location, access rights, and so forth, and based on that the optimal security measures are recommended. The Muswell Hill locksmiths tool might be an entire suite of various security features depending on the level of security desired. Of course there are times when the property being secured will not have some layers because each layer of security costs a bit extra. We are based in Muswell Hill, North London N10 and we cover the following areas. Even if you are located outside these areas, please contact us and we will try to help. Our locksmiths services cover Muswell Hill, Highgate, Finchley, Friern Barnet, East Finchley, Hornsey, North Finchley, Crouch End, Harinigey and nearby areas in North London. Contact us now for more details of the areas covered by our locksmiths services.

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